Open Gas Account

To open a new gas account, applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Please fill in the details below and our Customer Service Officer will then get in touch with you to make the necessary arrangements. If you are an eAccount holder, you can manage more than one Towngas account under the same eAccount, please login at the box on the right.

Please prepare below documents for opening gas account:
- User identification (HKID Card, Passport or Business Registration Certificate)
- New owner or new tenant (Purchase and Sale Agreement, Tenancy Agreement or Solicitors’ Letter)

You can download the “Towngas Account Transfer Form” (in pdf file format) here.

Attention: This form is applicable to transfer of gas account from old gas account holder to new gas account holder at a mutually agreed meter reading without connecting or disconnecting gas supply. This form must be completed by both the old and new customers.

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Account Information

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